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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

At the Park with Oma

Posted by Gabrielle

Even though it was a little rainy yesterday morning, we still went to the park and we had it to ourselves most of the time! The result was: lots of fun and pictures!

Elliot, quite the gymnast.
Jedidiah swings
Elliot swings
Benaiah slides down the BIG slide!
Tobias and Christianna swing

As do Arianne and Jedidiah
Elliot in mid-swing
I loved this picture of Timothy and Benaiah
This is the way Benaiah opted to go down the slide, or maybe it was to get back up!
Back up for another slide down!

The sliding bar was very popular with Elliot...
and Christianna...

and Jedidiah!
Oma and Mommy talking
Elliot chases Jedidiah up the ladder...
and down the slide.
Timothy and Benaiah on the big swing
When the alarm rings...
the firemen slide down the pole.
Firemen Elliot and Jedidiah are off to the fire in their trusty elephant.
At the scene of the fire they direct their hose at the flames.
Back at the firehouse, Jedidiah hangs up his coat.
OK, Benaiah was not so sure about the slider bar.
Elliot and Tobias
Tobias the mighty

When Timothy gets on the see-saw, this is what happens to the little boy on the other end.
Benaiah tries the big swing himself(with Arianne's help!)

This is our favorite rhyme behind this picture:

As I was sitting in my chair,

I knew it had no bottom there,

Nor Legs, or back, but I just sat,

Ignoring little things like that.”

This is the very indignant cow in it's stall! ;)
Goofy Elliot, or is this the grinning cow?

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