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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Job that Makes the Men

Posted by Gabrielle

This morning and afternoon a friend of ours came over to pick up the logs from the tree we felled in our backyard, which you can read about here.
And, of course, there was plenty for certain active little boys to help with!
Elliot on the go!
Elliot and his friend Grayson.
Men at the workplace.
This is what will make the man of Jedidiah.
Let's go! The men bringing the log cutter back up the hill to hitch it back up to the truck.
This looked like a calmer step in dancing, although I've never heard of dancing with logs.
Jedidiah and Grayson moving the plank used to cross the stream.
All loaded up and ready to go!
Finally, Timothy helps in moving that last big log off the lawn.

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