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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recent Wildlife in our Yard

Posted by Gabrielle

Because we're so much in the city, we rarely see much wildlife except for a few robins and cardinals, squirrels and some butterflies. But lately it seems we have had some extraordinary views. Keep reading!
I have yet to figure out what kind of moth this was that rested on the door of our screen porch for most of the day. It was an exciting find for me as I rarely have the chance to photograph unique wildlife!
And, a hawk that rested on our neighbor's fence for a few minutes, obligingly long enough so I could get a few pictures.
And this was the best. A few mornings ago after breakfast I spotted an opossum scrounging in our compost pile. We thought it unusual to see them out in the day.
I was able to get within 15 feet of this creature to take pictures but ended up scaring it away as I ran back up the hill when I was done, thinking I was far enough away.
YUCK!!!...Beautiful table manners you have, Mr. Possum!
I have no idea what was so interesting about this compost pile or what good things to eat this opossum could possibly find in it.

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FullquivOrr said...

Wow Gabrielle - I have never seen a possum that close before...and to have gotten photos of it too! That's great!