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Monday, February 16, 2009

Baking for Tobias' Birthday

Posted by Gabrielle

We spent this morning baking for Tobias' birthday party this evening. Can you believe he's 5 today?

Anyway, several years ago Arianne and I both made these really yummy layered cakes decorated with fruit and butter frosting. So finally it's Christianna's turn to make hers and she decided to do it for Toby's birthday! So she and I spent the morning in the kitchen and I instructed her in the art of making a cake.

These are the two baked pieces, the bottom layer and...
the smaller top layer.
This is me trimming the edge off the bigger layer. We filled the pan a bit too full and it overflowed.
Christianna and her cake(not quite assembled yet)!
Here's our butter frosting. It's basically just butter, cocoa powder and honey. We adjust the amount of cocoa powder to the concentration of chocolate we feel like at the time.
Toby, the happy birthday boy, enjoyed licking off the blades of the mixer when were were done!
Christianna and her frosting! Watch for more pictures of the cake-making this afternoon!
At the same time Timothy was also making his graham cracker crust for a cheesecake(what is a birthday without Timothy's famous cheesecake?). We got to enjoy the leftover graham crackers . Can you tell Benaiah is enjoying his?

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