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Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Little Monk in Orange

Posted by Gabrielle

It's inevitable; we finally dressed Benaiah up in Arianne's jacket last night! What a cutie and what a little hambone!

He's so cute!!!!!
It was really cute from the back where all you could see except the jacket was his slippers!
And...he found a box!
He's a little camera ham!
When it comes to posing with his dump truck...well...
that deserves a big smile!
Benaiah and Christianna
Benaiah receiving his latest hat, a basket, from beloved 'Beebo'.
Benaiah and his precious 'Ana'.
Exploring the contents of Tobias's toy bin
Another one of the cute pictures I got while he was running away!
Playing 'peekaboo' with Christianna
Aaahh...blanket rides; first by Christianna and...
then by Jedidiah!
He looked every inch the little prince!
Arianne and her baby! Can you tell we need a little girl????!!!

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