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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Benaiah Loves His Food! Surprise?

By Gabrielle

This morning we gave Benaiah some cheese to keep him occupied while we were working in the kitchen. He's such a cute boy!

"Now this is the cheese."
"The thought that Gabrielle almost gave me mouldy cheese by accident makes my lips pucker."
"Ana, may I have some more cheese, please!"
"This is what happens when you stuff your cheeks."
"Haha, unsuspecting Gabrielle gave me more than one piece at a time. This is fun. First I poke them..."
"and then I crumble them. Do you think I'm really that hungry?"
"And now, brothers and sisters, never play with your cheese as I did."
"Where's the cheese?"
Elliot got this very cute picture of him pointing...alas...it was a bit too close!
Making faces for his pictures!
Our happy little boy!

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